1 Sept

1 Sept

Dye Transfer success


Lets talk about dye transfer on sofa's! 

It looks horrible, it can ruin the colour and make it look dirty, and most of the time its from wearing trousers which gradually release their dye over a period of time and before you know it, its there!

Also, dye transfer is a very difficult stain to remove because it becomes so ingrained in the weave of the fabric making it impossible for most off-the-shelf products to remove - which can also cause further damage.  If in doubt, it's always better to contact a specialist technician. A stain removal technician is trained to understand the science behind the stain which allows them to use the right products and processes to remove it.

This particular dye transfer damage was not an easy one to work on due to the delicate, sensitive nature of the fibre, but the skill and determination of the technician meant that he was able to remove the majority of the marks and the customer was extremely pleased - especially as she thought it wouldn't come out.


So if you have an unsightly dye transfer stain, give our experts a call or visit Safeclean.co.uk