Summary Terms and Conditions

You can view and download the summary terms and conditions applicable to the plan you are purchasing below.

Find your furniture retailer below and click on the relevant link to view and download the latest summary terms and conditions. 

Please note the documents displayed below are the current summary terms and conditions, designed to help you understand the key information when considering the purchase of a Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan. Therefore, if you have already purchased a Furniture Protection Plan, please refer to your own full terms and conditions. 

Guardsman summary terms and conditions

If your retailer is not listed below, please refer to the relevant policy under the Guardsman summary terms. 

If you are unsure which version is applicable, please either ask your retailer or contact us at

  • Guardsman Bed Summary terms and conditions
    152.68 KB
  • Guardsman Dining and Cabinet Summary terms and conditions
    151.78 KB
  • Guardsman Elite (no recliner) summary terms
    152.52 KB
  • Guardsman Elite Summary terms and conditions
    153.08 KB
  • Guardsman upholstery stains and accidental damage
    153.36 KB

Furniture Village Summary Terms and Conditions

  • Furniture Village Bed Policy Terms
    152.68 KB
  • Furniture Village Dining and Cabinet policy terms
    169.31 KB
  • Furniture Village Upholstery Summary Terms and Conditions
    171.50 KB

Fishpools Summary Terms and Conditions

  • Fishpools Bed Summary Terms and conditions
    336.80 KB
  • Fishpools upholstery and dining summary terms and conditions
    342.09 KB

HSL Summary Terms and Conditions

  • HSL Summary Terms and conditions
    158.10 KB

Lee Longlands Summary Terms and Conditions

  • Lee Longlands Carpet Summary Terms and conditions
    280.68 KB
  • Lee Longlands Upholstery, dining and cabinet and beds summary terms and conditions
    346.23 KB

Natuzzi Summary Terms and Conditions

  • Natuzzi Summary terms and conditions
    346.73 KB