Sofa and Chair Damage

Sofa repair is where we started when we first began repairing furniture in our customers’ homes in 1995 and have been refining our skills ever since.

Our knowledgeable customer service team take lots of information about your problem up front so that the repair expert has the best possible chance of fixing the damage when he visits your home.

At Guardsman we know all there is to know about sofa repairs and restoration. We can replace cushion interiors and repair broken frames and springs and much more...

How to repair a broken spring

Broken Frame

If your sofa frame breaks or if the structure has started to fail you can count on us. We can mend damaged frames and provide extra support to rails.

Collapsed Arms

High use areas like arms can start to collapse and lose their firmness over time. We know how to repair and restore sofa arms.

Broken Springs

Sofa springs can break or come loose from spring clips. We can repair and replace parts to get your sofa in full use again.

Flat Cushions

If your sofa cushions are starting to sag, have flattened or lost resilience we can measure new foam or fibre to fit and replace the interiors to give you the comfort you desire.

Broken Feet, Castors and Legs

If the bottom of your sofa starts to give way, we can repair wobbly or broken sofa legs and feet.

Sofa Beds

We can repair daybeds and spring sofa beds. If yours is losing resilience or has broken springs we can repair or source and fit replacement parts.

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