Recliner Repairs

Identifying the source of a broken recliner can be tricky  - but our techs are the experts.

Whether you have an electric or a manual recliner, we understand the function of the internal components, allowing us to identify the reason for malfunctioning chairs.

From wear and tear to cables, snapped handles and faulty electronic components, we've got you covered. Additionally, our technicians carry the most common parts in their vans to ensure broken recliner cables and mechanisms can be replaced on the day and in your home so you don’t need even to wait for replacement parts.

If your recliner has stopped working and you’re not sure what the problem is, we can help.

How to repair a broken recliner

Common Recliner Faults

Manual or electric, fabric or leather, our techs can handle it all when it comes to broken recliners. We repair all kinds of recliner sofas, whether you own Natuzzi, La-Z-Boy, or G-Plan, we can help. Common faults include:

Broken Cables and Handles

Broken recliner cables are typically caused when they get caught in the mechanism and are one of the most common problems. We can replace cables without needing to wait for parts.

Broken Pistons

If the pistons have broken or the actuator is faulty we can repair and replace common motorised parts.

Broken Motors and Switches

If the motor has stopped working we can give your recliner the service it needs to get it working again.

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