Leather Repairs

Whether it’s your favourite leather chair or the family sofa, our leather repair technicians are on hand to help your leather furniture age gracefully.

We can repair rips, scratches, scuffs, burn marks, broken stitching and webbing;  and restore colour, to make your furniture look as good as new.

Pictures help us to assess the scale of the damage and provide you with an accurate quotation, you can send them to us at furniturerepair@guardsman.co.uk.

How to repair a tear in leather

Peeling Leather

Peeling occurs when the pigmented surface separates from the leather underneath. Call us straight away and we should be able to restore it. If left for prolonged periods it can often become irreparable.

Scratches & Scuffs

Unsightly scratches and scuffs from day to day living or even those mischievous pets are a simple job for our experts. Contact us and we can restore the colour & sheen.

Burn & Heat Marks

Heat marks from coffee cups and burns from a dropped cigarette or a stray spark from the fire can be effectively concealed.

Colour Loss and Dye Transfer

Breathe fresh life into dull and discoloured leather furniture. Our technicians are colour experts!

Cuts & Tears

Small cuts & tears will worsen and become irreparable rips over time. Call us now for a swift and effective repair.

Ink Stains

Ink staining can be tricky to remove if left to soak into the leather. It can continue to re-emerge even if the surface is cleaned.

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